GAZ-SYSTEM: The Polish-Norwegian conference „Energy security in Europe: How can Norway and Poland contribute”, organised by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Norway.


In the international context, the development strategy of our company is based on two foundations – ensuring the security of gas supplies to Poland and developing a competitive gas market in Central and Eastern Europe – said Tomasz Stępień, President of the Management Board for GAZ-SYSTEM on 1 February 2019 during the conference held in Oslo “Energy security in Europe: How can Norway and Poland contribute? During the debate organised by the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), representatives of leading gas sector companies from Poland, Denmark and Norway as well as representatives of government administration of these countries discussed the role of the Baltic Pipe project in the development of the energy sector in Europe.

President Tomasz Stępień pointed out that Baltic Pipe was a key element of GAZ-SYSTEM’s investment strategy, according to which this project, combined with interconnectors, also being implemented by the company, connecting Poland with Lithuania, Ukraine or Slovakia, will contribute to the independence of the Central and Eastern Europe region from the dominant direction of raw material supplies from the East. He also reminded that in November 2018 GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet had made final investment decisions for the Baltic Pipe project and pointed out that the gas pipeline was being implemented according to the adopted schedule.

Piotr Naimski, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, participating the Oslo conference, also stressed the importance of the project, which will connect gas deposits located on the Norwegian continental shelf with the gas transmission system in Poland through the territory of Denmark and the Baltic Sea. He noted that this investment would contribute to a shift in the structure of gas supply to Europe and would have a significant impact on the competitiveness of the European gas market.
–  The Baltic Pipe project is a game changer for suppliers and recipients of gas in Central and Eastern Europe – he said. This investment is also an important step towards closer energy and economic collaboration between Poland and the Scandinavian countries. We do see a great potential in these relations – he added.

Deputy Minister of Energy Tomasz Dąbrowski stressed the importance of the Baltic Pipe for modernisation of the Polish energy sector. – Norwegian continental shelf, being a new source of gas, as well as market conditions for its acquisition, mean safe use of this fuel in the domestic economy, which at the same time will contribute to the reduction of emissions from the energy sector – he stressed.

Presidents of GAZ-SYSTEM, ENERGINET, GASSCO and a representative of PGNiG also had a chance to share their views in a discussion panel held during the conference. Tomasz Stępień, Torben Brabo, Frode Leversund and Marek Woszczyk debated on the impact of the Baltic Pipe on development of the gas markets in individual countries involved in the project.