GAZ-SYSTEM: Baltic Pipe as a topic at the seminar in Sweden

A seminar on the Polish-Scandinavian cooperation in the energy sector was held at the Polish Embassy in Stockholm on 19th September 2019.

The Baltic Pipe Project was one of the main topics discussed at both discussion panels. The investment, executed by GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet, was listed as an ideal example of not only cooperation itself but also of a solution that will significantly increase the security of gas supplies to CEE and support energy transformation in Poland.

The seminar was attended, among others, by Tomasz Dąbrowski – Undersecretary of State, Piotr Kuś – Deputy Director of the Gas Market Development Division at GAZ-SYSTEM, Jeppe Dano – Energinet Market Director as well as members of parliament and representatives of the authorities from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and the author of the recently completed report on the climate benefits resulting from the implementation of the Baltic Pipe Project.

Tomasz Dąbrowski, Deputy Minister, pointed out in his speech that Baltic Pipe is the most spectacular joint Polish-Scandinavian project currently under implementation. He also described it as one of the pillars of the Polish energy policy being implemented with the involvement of partners from Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

 On behalf of GAZ-SYSTEM, Piotr Kuś emphasised the importance of proper expansion of gas infrastructure in Poland creating the opportunity to integrate transmission networks and thus enable gas transmission to its neighbours. The Director also confirmed that the offshore pipeline construction is very well planned and all works proceed according to the schedule. The cooperation between Poland and the Scandinavian countries is also a part of the EU objectives for the energy transformation and the achievement of Poland’s climate goals.