GAZ-SYSTEM: Beach cleaning a success

Baltic Pipe joined the International World Cleanup Day by initiating clean the beach action to which we had invited the residents of Rewal and neighbouring communes as well as tourists.

Approximately 200 people turned up ready for cleaning in the pre-arranged Ecological Baltic Pipe zone on Saturday 21st September 2019. The number included local residents, tourists walking the beach, charges of the Youth Care Centre in Rewal and groups of children from primary schools in Rewal, Niechorze and Pobierowo where we had organised lessons devoted to ecology, waste separation and recycling. Our joint efforts filled ca. 300 bags with waste of different types.

Within the zone we also offered educational activities with many games and competitions with prizes. “The second life of trash” – our ecological workshop – showed how to put scrap materials to new uses, e.g. how to make a pot out of an empty plastic bottle.