GAZ-SYSTEM: Consultation meetings about the Baltic Pipe Project in West Pomerania Voivodeship

On 19 February 2019 in Niechorze and Trzebiatów consultation meetings concerning the offshore part of the gas pipeline were held. The meeting was also held in Rewal with the representatives of the fishery community on 20 February.

Gaz-System’s representatives and external experts engaged in the project works discussed the technical, environmental and socio-economic aspects of the investment and it’s impact on local communities. The meetings were attended by local residents and authorities.

The representatives of Gaz-System presented the current status of the project, including the installation route of the offshore gas pipeline and the landfall and valve station locations in the considered variants – Rogowo and Niechorze-Pogorzelica.

The participants of the meetings in Trzebiatów and Niechorze inquired about the effects of the Baltic Pipe execution on local tourism and infrastructure. The security during construction and operation of the gas infrastructure was also discussed.

The main aim of the meeting in Rewal was to initiate dialogue with the fishermen – the relevant stakeholders in implementation of the offshore part of the project. The most important aspects discussed included the first results of the conducted environmental impact assessment. The talks also concerned any possible impact of the investment on fish habitat areas.