GAZ-SYSTEM: Location decisions issued for all the Baltic Pipe compressor stations

On 25 July 2019 the Governor of the Wielkopolskie Province issued the location decision for the expansion of the Odolanów Compressor Station. The investment will be located in the Wielkopolskie Province, Ostrów Wielkopolski District, Odolanów commune. Obtaining the location decision by GAZ-SYSTEM for the last such facility in the Polish part of the Baltic Pipe Project means moving on to the process of obtaining construction permits for all the three compressor stations.

The investment consists in the expansion of the present compressor station and transmission hub in Odolanów and connecting these elements with the existing transmission infrastructure.

The expansion of the Odolanów Compressor Station will increase Poland’s energy security and improve functioning of the Polish transmission system which will receive additional gas loads after the extension of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście and the construction of the Baltic Pipe offshore pipeline.