GAZ-SYSTEM: The finals of the contest organised within the Baltic Pipe project information and education campaign

Nearly 350 children participated in the four-month long competition: “Natural gas – clean fuel in our homes.” The finals were held at the Sports School Cluster in Rewal last Friday. The contest was addressed to the primary school pupils from two coastal municipalities of the West-Pomeranian province – Rewal and Trzebiatów. The pupils from grades 1-4 had been invited to the art contest and the students from grades 5-8 – to the knowledge contest.

The objective was to spread information on the role of natural gas in the energy transformation process in Poland, and to increase the students’ awareness of the topics of energy security and independence, diversification of energy sources and issues related to the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline – the strategic investment planned in the area of Rewal or Trzebiatów.

The competition comprised two rounds during which the participants could gather the necessary information on energy sources used in our everyday life. Special attention was drawn to natural gas and the Baltic Pipe project. In the past four months the students had written two tests (of different difficulty) checking their acquisition of the educational material. In all the involved primary schools, lectures had been given providing the students with the opportunity to ask questions concerning the contest matters. The students from grades 6-8 succeeded to the semi-finals after giving 5-minute long presentations on the subjects of interest. The participants not only had to prove their expertise, but they also had to be creative while sharing the results of their work in the form of video animations, short films and multimedia presentations. The finals ended with a quiz given to the three best students who got attractive prizes