GAZ-SYSTEM will be the gas transmission system operator for the part of the Baltic Pipe infrastructure located in Denmark

Piotr Naimski, Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure and Lars Christian Lilleholt, Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate signed an agreement regulating the legal status of certain infrastructure elements of the Baltic Pipe project located in Denmark (i.a. the Everdrup compressor station). The agreement explicitly manifests the support of both countries for the implementation of the project. The document was signed on December 11, 2018 during the COP24 UN Climate Summit in Katowice.

Baltic Pipe is a strategic project aimed at connecting Poland with the natural gas deposits on the Norwegian Continental Shelf through the Danish and Polish transmission system. The implementation of the project will enable the performance of the Polish government’s strategy concerning diversification of natural gas supplies to Poland and development of a competitive market for natural gas.

A part of the Baltic Pipe project will be implemented and financed by GAZ-SYSTEM on the territory of Denmark and in its exclusive economic zone. Determining the regulatory status and framework for the operation of this part of infrastructure required the conclusion of an international agreement between Poland and Denmark.

According to the document signed on Tuesday, GAZ-SYSTEM will perform the function of the gas transmission system operator also for the part of the gas pipeline located outside of the territory of Poland, and the President of the Energy Regulatory Office will have the right to approve the operator’s tariff which will take into account the costs incurred for the implementation, maintenance and operation of this part of the gas pipeline and the Everdrup compressor station in Denmark.

The Parties also confirmed that they will support the investors – GAZ-SYSTEM and Energinet – in the preparation and implementation of the Baltic Pipe project in order to complete it by October 1, 2022.