Permitting process requirements in Germany

In Germany – if the final pipeline routing passes through German economic zone – the laying of a transit pipeline crossing the German Exclusive Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea requires permits issued by several authorities.

German authorities

The National Grid Agency will act as One-Stop-Shop coordinating and facilitating the permit granting process in Germany. National Grid Agency is the National Competent Authority (NCA) for such projects in Germany and will conduct the permit granting process in close cooperation with Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and Mining Authority Stralsund.

Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency is responsible for most aspects related to maritime spatial planning (shipping, fisheries, sediment extraction, military use etc.), the environmental assessment as well as the compulsory public participation, while Mining Authority Stralsund is responsible for the additionally required approval covering mining interests and technical aspects of the pipeline project.

Public hearing

After the completion of all required documents, the permit application including the technical description and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is submitted to the competent authorities. National Grid Agency, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and Mining Authority Stralsund will organize and coordinate the following steps of the compulsory public participation:

  • The application documents are publicly displayed for a period of one month. Simultaneously the documents are sent to the authorities and other stakeholders (including NGOs) whose interests are affected.
  • Authorities and the other stakeholders as well as possibly affected private persons may submit their comments and objections.
  • The applicant prepares answers to the comments and objections.
  • The competent authorities organise the non-public hearings to discuss the comments and objections.

Based on the results of the non-public hearings Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency and Mining Authority Stralsund take a permit decision or not. If a permit is issued an appeal period of one month follows. If no appeal against the decision is filed, the permit becomes enforceable.

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