Permitting process requirements in Poland

Construction of each of the Baltic Pipe Project components in Poland is regulated by several acts and regulations and requires the involvement of numerous authorities and governmental bodies.

GAZ-SYSTEM is obliged to obtain all necessary administrative decisions, including:

  1. Environmental decisions,
  2. Location decisions,
  3. Building permits.

Before the construction works, are launched GAZ-SYSTEM is obliged to obtain an Environmental Permit for the project based on the findings of the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Key stages of gas pipeline development

  • Planning of the pipeline route,
  • Preparation of the project documentation,
  • Preparation of the construction and detailed engineering design,
  • Obtaining all necessary administrative decisions, including environmental decisions, location decisions and building permits,
  • Selection of contractors for the construction works,
  • Performance of the construction works,
  • Tests, technical acceptance, commissioning and start-up.
Gas pipe laying