Public hearing in Szczecin

The Baltic Pipe Project information meeting under the public hearing procedure was held on  March 7, 2018 in the West Pomeranian Governor’s Office in Szczecin. The meeting was freely accessible to the general public. Meeting agenda (PDF file)

In accordance with the principles of the PCI (Project of Common Interest) procedure applicable to the Baltic Pipe project, the main objective of the public hearing was to provide local communities, government authorities as well as organisations concerned with information on the project, as well as to provide the public with an opportunity to submit comments and queries at the earliest possible stage of project implementation.

Similar public hearings took place in Denmark (in January), Germany (in February) and Sweden (in March).

The issues presented during the meeting in Szczecin included the following:

  • Underlying assumptions for the offshore and onshore project
  • Possible routing options under consideration for the offshore and onshore gas pipeline
  • Current progress status and schedule of the entire project and schedules of individual project components
  • Potential impact on terrestrial and aquatic environment
  • Public participation

The meeting attracted a numerous group of Stakeholders, including in particular the representatives of local communities, local government authorities of West Pomerania Province and regional fishery organisations.

During the hearing, all participants could ask questions and make remarks. All interested parties can also share their opinions and provide information to the following address: or by traditional mail to the Company’s address: Operator Gazociągów Przesyłowych GAZ-SYSTEM S.A., ulica Mszczonowska 4, 00-337 Warszawa, with a note: “Konsultacje Baltic Pipe” [Baltic Pipe consultation].

The Presentation (PDF file)

The Information Brochure distributed at the meeting is here (PDF file)

Questions asked and answers provided during the public hearing (PDF file)

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