The Baltic Sea offshore pipeline

One of the major components of the Baltic Pipe Project is the high pressure offshore gas pipeline connecting Denmark with Poland across the Baltic Sea.

At the current stage of the project, investigations, surveys and design works are conducted to obtain the required permits for the construction of the offshore section of the Baltic Pipe.

There are two variants of the route being considered; through the Danish and Polish maritime areas (territorial waters and exclusive economic zones), either through German (variant I) or  Swedish (variant II) exclusive economic zone.

Before the final decision on the pipeline route is made, each variant will be thoroughly analysed in terms of environmental, technical and socio-economic aspects.

GAZ-SYSTEM, who will own the Baltic Sea pipeline, is responsible for planning, constructing, and operating this part of the project.

Offshore gas pipe laying

Key facts

GAZ-SYSTEM is exploring the bottom of the Baltic Sea

GAZ-SYSTEM is exploring the bottom of the Baltic Sea