The Baltic Sea offshore pipeline

An offshore pipeline connecting Denmark with Poland and providing for bi-directional transmission of gas is a key element of the Baltic Pipe project.

At the current stage of the project analytical, survey and design works are being carried out in order to obtain the required permits for construction and operation of the Baltic Pipe offshore gas pipeline.

In June 2018 GAZ-SYSTEM accepted the variant of the offshore pipeline route proposed by a contractor of technical and environmental documentation. The recommended route is 275 km long and it crosses Danish and Polish maritime areas as well as the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (approx. 80 km). The preferred landfalls of the gas pipeline in Faxe South Denmark and in Niechorze-Pogorzelica in Poland were also indicated.

Accepting the recommendation does not imply the final decision regarding the route of the pipeline. It will only be taken once all necessary administrative decisions and permits are obtained and each variant is thoroughly analysed in environmental, technical and socio-economic terms. 

GAZ-SYSTEM will be the owner of the gas pipeline at the Baltic Sea, responsible for the design, construction and future operation.

 The recommended route of the offshore pipeline

GAZ-SYSTEM is exploring the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Preserving nature

Key facts

- estimated length of the offshore gas pipeline

275 km

– estimated length of the offshore gas pipeline
- diameter of the offshore gas pipeline

900 mm

– diameter of the offshore gas pipeline
- operating pressure

6,7-12 MPa

– operating pressure
- expected annual transmission volume

10 bn m3/year

– expected annual transmission volume
- construction works

2 years

– construction works
- nominal construction rate per day

3 km/day

– nominal construction rate per day
- lenght of each pipeline section

12 m

– lenght of each pipeline section
- expected operating period

50 years

– expected operating period
- commencement of gas transmission


– commencement of gas transmission
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