Onshore Poland

One of the components of the Baltic Pipe Project is the expansion and modernization of the Polish gas transmission system, which involves s a number of activities on Polish territory.

The import of natural gas through the offshore gas pipeline and its subsequent transfer to end-users requires a number of expansion projects to be implemented on Polish territory.

The offshore pipeline will come out from the Baltic Sea bed on the Polish shore in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship in one of two landfall locations being currently considered: Pogorzelica (Niechorze) or Rogowo.

Depending on the selected location, the transmission infrastructure is planned to be developed by approx. 230 to 280 km. Furthermore, three gas compressor stations will be constructed or expanded.

The planned expansion projects in Poland include:

  1. Construction of the onshore gas pipeline connecting the offshore gas pipeline to the national transmission system;
  2. Construction of the Goleniów-Lwówek pipeline;
  3. Extension of the Goleniów gas compressor station;
  4. Construction of the Gustorzyn gas compressor station;
  5. Extension of the Odolanów gas compressor station.

GAZ-SYSTEM, who will own the pipelines and compressors stations, is responsible for planning, constructing, and operating this part of the project.

Gaspipe laying

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